Sjenica lake
Unique landscape with meanders of Uvac river and filled with the lake, only 6 kilometers away from Sjenica. On the banks of Sjenica lake lives the biggest habitat of griffon vulture in the Balkans, rare and the largest bird living in Serbia.
Pešter plateau
The largest plateau in the Balkan Peninsula, and one of the largest in Europe, in recent years has become a real sensation among the fans of tourism, with new, unexplored landscapes and untouched, undamaged natural beauties. With an altitude of 1150 meters and an area of 63 square kilometers, it represents the unique, splendid and incomparable natural oasis in the heart of Europe.
Sjenica cheese
When one says “Pešter”, the first association of many people is food. The Sjenica cheese is one of the most famous in the whole Balkan Peninsula. The quality of local specialties is recognized and promoted trough this spot called Soulfood and created by National tourism organization of Serbia.
Icy cave
The part of Ušak cave system, with crystal white cave decoration, or with a red or blue lines... Huge pillars and holes, tight gates are acts of the best artist - nature
Sjenica lake from
Breathtaking scene on the Sjenica lake and meanders can be experienced arriving on vista point called "Molitva" ("The Pray" on Serbian language). Mystic place, full of legends, historic stories and unique nature lanscape.
Pešter plateau - Shepherd's summer house
Just like monuments to cruel life on Pešter plaetau, Shepherd's summer house are unique places for living and keeping the finest milk products in summertime. This lifestyle is unchanged for generations...
Winter in Sjenica
Due to the high snow and low temperatures, Pešter is also known as the Balkans Siberia and due to an altitude and the large numbers of cultural and historical monuments, some studies call it the Balkans Tibet. In 1954, the temperature reached minus 38.3 degrees Celsius, which was the lowest temperature ever since it has been measured in Serbia. The average annual temperature of Pešter is six degrees Celsius. Ten centimeters thick snowy coverage is lingered for about 60 days annually. In recent years, the winters in Pešter are milder and more pleasant, while the springs and summers are fascinating as before.
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